There are three reasons to prove this. One is of course experiencing the car for yourself and driving it on your own is always a great feeling. Two is where you don't need to rely on a driver or someone else, you can drive where ever you want, whenever you want and that's a great thing. Three is that since we are in a pandemic right now due to covid, it is always better if only fewer people or people you know use the car. So if you rent the car, there won't be a driver and same time there wouldn't be previous passengers from the trip before. This reduces the risk of covid.
You'll get our contact number and give us a call. We would respond by asking few questions depending on the car and after providing the necessary documents, your good to go.
You will be eligible to rent a Smile Car when you are at least 21 year old and you own a “Light Motor Vehicles” driving license which is at least an year old at the time of booking. Only valid and original driving license would be accepted for verification and ones that are submitted as a printout aren’t accepted.
Upon cancelling the reservation 48 hours prior reservation, the initial deposit shall be refunded. However, we recommend that you reschedule the reservation to your convenient dates. For further assistance on cancellation, refund and rescheduling, please reach out to our customer care.
Yes. You can return your self-driven smile car earlier than the reservation end date, although a minimum charge would be billed for the unused days. Please connect with our customer care for further assistance on this query.
We understand that these are uncertain times. Should you need to cancel a booking, we are waiving cancellation fees and processing a full refund as long as the booking is cancelled within 24 hours before the rental begins. If it is cancelled within 24 hours of you getting the car, then a refund is processed with a very nominal cancellation charge only after probing the reason for cancellation and the guidelines of the pandemic. However, we recommend that you reschedule the booking as per your convenience to a later date without any additional charges. If you do not cancel and fail to show up, no refund will be processed, and a fee may apply.
No. Toll charges or any entry charges as applicable is to be borne by the customer.
Fuel cost is excluded and the renter will have to bear the fuel charges
If you have an international driving license, and your tourist visa is submitted, and there are no discrepancies or issues with the law, then you're good to go.
No. Permit isn’t required as all our cars have “All India Permit”.
Absolutely. All you have to do is just enter the details of the person that you are booking the car for and we will coordinate with them directly.
Smile Cars are for rental purposes and doesn’t serve to any renters for learning to drive or practicing purposes.
While there’s a kilometres limit of 300 km/day, we have special packages for unlimited kilometres. which can be enquired during reservation. Although we do not have a speed limit/alert in Smile Cars, we recommend that you follow the speed limit preset during your travel and follow all the traffic rules and guidelines as you will be solely responsible for any mishaps which may or may not include any warnings/charges from concerned authorities.
Fast Tag can be recharged by the customer.