Frequently asked Questions (FaQ)

What is Car Attachment?

Car Attachment is process of car owner rent a car for us with legal agreement.

How long to Car Attachment agreement?

One year+

What document needed for Car Attachment ?

Written Agreement copy.

What is Long team Rental?

If you plan for tours,to stay and visit all major area, for one month or more this is the best thing to you, because long term rentals provide a offer package for taking a car. Upto 20% to 30% of the DISCOUNTS we provide.(SPECIAL offers for NRI get more DISCOUNT)

What is Short team Rental?

Short term rentals:If you plan for spending time with you loved one on the weekend and more than three days its best for your travel planning. Its best for budget car rentals.

What is Daily Rentals?

Daily rentals for like daily going office to or any other function its very affordable because if your take a call taxi they charge by hour basis and also calculated waiting time. So you spend more money on compared to that, so its very easy way to spend money within your budget price.

What is rent of the car ?

It’s based on SUV and car models price should be varied.

What are the teams & Conditions to take a self drive car for rent?

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How to book a car?

Enter start date and end date of the available car list should be displayed you should select and book the car.